Wild-growing plants

Kyrgyz Republic is a place, where there is a various concentration of wild plants. Thankfully to varying altitudes above the sea level and geology the territory is featured by essential range of biomes; and this is represented by remarkable species diversity. Among botanic-geographic regions the Central Asian province (Western Tian Shan, Alay) takes approximately 1/3 of the whole Kyrgyzstan territory, is being a unique floristic and simultaneously the less researched region. The level of the depth of research over the region’s flora is non-uniform. The latest research was held 15-20 years ago and its data is out of date. The Western Tian-Shan and Alay-based flora contain big number of rare and narrowly endemic species. The biggest part of endemics grows primarily within Western Tian-Shan. In the result of multi-year floristic research the Kyrgyz botanists found out the centers of the local endemism. They include low- and middle-mountainous areas of Western Tian-Shan stacked primarily of variegated-colored thick slices. Exactly in this areas our project-led floristic research were conducted. Various science-valued rare and narrowly endemic species grow over there and no elsewhere in the country. Among Red-Book species there are plants with differing vegetation periods – from early spring to late summer, from flowering phase to fructification phase.

Pulsatilla kostyczewii


Primula eugeniae

Campanula eugeniae

Nathaliella alaica